6 Degrees of Hapa

6 Degrees of Hapa is all about celebrating mixed cultures through apparel, art, community building, and storytelling. The artist behind 6 Degrees of Hapa, Naomi Takata Shepherd, is based in San Jose, CA and started 6 Degrees of Hapa with just two t-shirt designs in 2011! Naomi draws inspiration for her art and apparel from her own Hapa identity and from Hawaiian imagery to honor that “hapa” is a Hawaiian word. When Naomi set out to create 6 Degrees of Hapa, she set out to create a brand that celebrates Hapas as individuals and the family, friends, and communities who help make us who we are. So why 6 Degrees of Hapa? Well, everyone’s connected to a Hapa!

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
6 Degrees of Hapa has been a part of Nikkei Matsuri's "Artisans" since 2015 and we love the sense of community that the festival provides. Our friends and family always come out to shop, watch the performances, and eat in Japantown on the day of the festival, so it's always like a little reunion!