Kotas Kreations

Kotas Kreations started in 2014 with the birth of our second child with a desire to create things that brought joy to myself and children. Over the years, my creations have been able to bring joy to families and friends locally and world-wide. It has also allowed me to connect with various communities, show my children what hard work looks like and most of all give back to charities.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
My first Nikkei Matsuri as a vendor was in 2016. I have always loved attending this festival before then. Over the years, the festival has become a part of our family tradition. It has allowed us to catch up with friends and family, immerse our children in Japanese culture/heritage and enjoy delicious food and music. One of my favorite parts of Nikkei Matsuri is when San Jose Taiko performs the Opening Procession and seeing my kids watch in awe. What keeps me coming back is seeing and experiencing how supportive the community is.