Our products reflect our ethnicity (Japanese, Chinese, and Hawaiian). Some of our offerings are: handmade ribbon leis in multiple color options, Hawaiian and Japanese print homemade double sided masks, Hawaiian and Japanese print refrigerator door handles that can also be used as car seat belt covers, Maneki-Neko insulated medium size bags, assorted baby bracelets, and regular size bracelets (sizes 7.5 to 9). Also, Gail specializes in sterling silver bracelets and Luana specializes in jade and pearls.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
Nikkei Matsuri reflects our Japanese heritage. I remember the ikebana exhibit - my uncle was an ikebana, and our good friend, Lani, exhibits at Nikkei Matsuri. We enjoy participating because of our heritage, and we are delighted with the friendliness of the participants and the wonderful customers who still buy from us.

Please contact us via email or phone if you are interested in shopping with us! If you are interested in Hawaiian products, please email Gail at for a description. If you are interested in Japanese products, handmade masks, refrigerator door handles, and leis, please call Luana at (650) 544-6997. Thank you!