Lotus Preschool

Lotus Preschool, of the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin, is located right in the heart of San Jose Japantown. Established in 1986, Lotus has taught over 680 children. Small school with the licensed capacity of 24. Children learn and grow with our fun developmental and play based program!

Lotus’ perfect location enriches our curriculum with history, culture, and community. Daily service at the Betsuin’s temple, bi-monthly visits to interact with our Yu Ai Kai friends, radio taiso with Suzume no Gakko, Grandparent’s Day at the Japanese American Museum San Jose, eat our way through Japantown’s restaurants or visit the shops to learn more, sit on the monument or bang on the light tower to hear and feel the vibrations. The children partake in the community events like the Obon festival, SJ Taiko’s Halloween in Japantown, JAMsj’s Undo Kai, Yu Ai Kai’s Keiro Kai, Midori Kai Boutique, Luna Park Chalk Festival and City of San Jose’s Viva Calle. At many of these events the children perform their collection of Japanese Songs and play taiko! It is heartwarming to see how many family friendships begin at Lotus and continue as their children participate in the Japanese American community activities and events.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
Before Lotus Preschool began operation, our connection with Nikkei Matsuri started at the 1986 Nikkei Matsuri festival. At this festival, the Lotus Board of Directors and Director were able to set up a booth decorated with balloons to advertise for the opening of our program right here in Japantown at the San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin. At Lotus Preschool’s Grand Opening in July 1986, we started with 8 children. To date, Lotus has had the opportunity to be a part of over 680 children’s preschool experience! Lotus is humble and grateful for our early Nikkei Matsuri friendship.

Lotus children have been participating at Nikkei Matsuri for about 10 years or so. As an extracurricular activity for the Lotus children, dance classes are held during the week with our community partnerships with San Jose Community Youth Service and The Get Down. At Nikkei Matsuri, our Lotus children perform with San Jose CYS doing tap, ballet, and jazz and with The Get Down doing hip hop! Seeing the Lotus children perform is always a highlight of Nikkei Matsuri! "