Ikenobo Ikebana

Ikenobo Ikebana has a history of over 550 years. The headquarter is located in Kyoto, Japan and we have instructors all over the world. Senei Ikenobo is the 45th Headmaster. The Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Northern California Chapter has instructors all over the bay area.

Our mission is to introduce the art of flower arranging. Ikenobo teaches many styles from the traditional to contemporary. Such styles are variation of Rikka, Shoka and Free Style.

My students and I have been participating in various events for the past 30 years. We have been exhibiting and demonstrating to spread the Japanese Cultural Art.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
Our group has been participating from 2014, however Ruriko Kobata and her students were participating for many years before that.

Nikkei Matsuri is a wonder way of sharing the Cultural Arts with the public. My students and I love to share the art of Ikebobo Flower Arranging.

We always look forward to the food booths. There are many great food like Gyoza, Spam Musubi, Chicken Salad, etc.