San Jose Buddhist Judo Club

Established in 1947, the San Jose Buddhist Judo Club is one of the oldest Judo clubs in the Bay Area with a reputation of producing many champions and outstanding students. Students learn to use the disciplines of Judo to perfect themselves, to cultivate trust and respect from others, and to become a value to society.

The San Jose Buddhist Judo Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thanks to our dedicated volunteer instructors, who donate their time and efforts, our club provides quality instruction in the art and sport of Judo at a minimum cost to students of all ages. With over 200 members, we are one of the largest Judo clubs in the United States and pride ourselves in serving the community with a means for families and individuals to enjoy Judo as a competitive sport or recreational activity.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
Nikkei Matsuri is a festival celebrating Japanese American’s culture and traditions. It is our largest annual fundraiser. Traditionally, our club members helped with the construction of the food booths before and the deconstruction after the festival. On the day of the festival, we managed a ramen and lemonade booth. Our judo kids used their people skills to promote and sell ramen and lemonade.

In addition to the food fundraiser, we also did a judo performance on the stage to promote judo. Our students showcased various aspects of judo: how to fall, how to do throws and how to use the different judo techniques to take down their partner in randori. The performance was a lot of fun and very well received by the community. We got to showcase our judo and share with people what a wonderful sport it is.

Due to COVID-19, Nikkei Matsuri is going virtual from April 24th through May 9th, 2021. In keeping with our tradition, our club will be participating in both the food fundraiser and the virtual performances. We will be showcasing our judo and why San Jose Buddhist Judo Club is special to us. Thank you in advance for your support.