San Jose Japantown Lions Club

Our SJ Japantown Lions Club has been proudly and actively involved in the local Japantown community for ten years. We support the Japantown community in two primary ways: we volunteer our time and expertise and we raise funds and make financial contributions. Even more important during the pandemic, our club members have been supporting low income families and seniors by delivering over 200 nutritious meals every month to elderly seniors, volunteering for the Brown Bag Program, which is administered by the Yu-Ai Kai and the Second Harvest Food Bank, and volunteering for Lions Club International events like Stop Hunger and Lions for Sight. In addition, our members prepare income tax returns as a free service to seniors and low income families.

We also make donations and raise financial support for important organizations like Grateful Garments, which help homeless and victims and sexual violence, the Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center, and Grace Baptist Church. We support the "Day of Remembrance '' with monetary contributions, and worked to raise awareness to restore the flood damaged Japanese Friendship Garden. We also join other worthy causes like the city’s Adopt-A-Park Program, where we’ve helped keep our neighborhood parks clean. Our Lions Club motto is “We Serve.” We would greatly appreciate any donations to help us contribute to and build a better community.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
For the SJ Japantown Lions Club, the Nikkei Matsuri Festival is one of the most fun, rewarding, and cultural special events of the year. Thousands of people of all ages, including our own families, come from all over the Bay Area to celebrate our Japanese Heritage. We enjoy the live performances, cultural displays, and of course, the delicious Japanese food. Traditionally our SJ Japantown Lions Club has served a tasty Beef Teriyaki Bowl, but our members also enjoy patronizing the other non-profit food booths, serving delicious items like Spam Musubi and Nikkei Dogs. One of our favorite parts of the festival is when the beats of the Taiko Drums wake up the neighborhood and many local community groups, like Chidori Band and Wesley Jazz Band play traditional Japanese music. We love spending the entire day soaking up the wonderful atmosphere, the delicious smells, and the great crowd — while supporting our local non-profit organizations.