Chidori Band

As our song says “Chidori Band wa dai Kazoku,” Chidori Band is one big family of musicians and singers dedicated to preserving Japanese American traditions through music. Formed in 1953 to provide music for Issei, first generation Japanese Americans, the San Jose Chidori Band has become a vital part of Bay Area festivals and community events celebrating Asian history and culture. Initially known for preserving the “Enka” music popular in the post WWII internment era, current fans recognize the band’s unique role in providing live music for Obon odori (folk dancing) throughout the summer months. For over six decades, the San Jose Chidori Band has continued to expand its range, featuring original instrumental numbers, collaborations with other local artists like Wesley Jazz Ensemble and San Jose Taiko, and incorporating more recent JPOP tunes into its annual concert and other shows.

San Jose Chidori Band is led by Musical Director Duane Takahashi and Band Manager Michael Yoshihara with musicians and singers representing a wide range of ages and musical styles.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
Chidori Band has a long history of performing at the Nikkei Matsuri Festival, performing at the first festival in 1978. The band has played continuously at the festival since 2005. The Chidori Band and the Nikkei Matsuri Festival share a commitment to the local Japanese American Community.