CYS Dance

CYS Dance presents children with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Hula, Hip Hop and Traditional Dance moves as well as instill a love and appreciation for dancing. Naturally, we also hope to see the dancers develop new friendships with each other through the course of the dance season.

This year, we were excited to continue offering virtual Hula and Hip Hop in the fall season (October-December) and traditional style Dance (ballet/tap, tap/jazz, jazz/funk) in the spring season.

Our Nikkei Matsuri Connection
Nikkei Matsuri marked the start of festival season in which beautiful weather allowed Japantown community and its neighbors to gather and celebrate the rich cultural traditions of performances, demonstrations, art & crafts and foods. The Fun Run kicked off Nikkei Matsuri early in the morning and after working up an appetite, fun memories included eating tempura and shaved ice while browsing the arts and crafts booths.