Kabuki actor Bandō Hirohichirō founded Bandō Ryū “Kyō no Kai” in order to teach and promote Japanese Classical Dance, or Nihon buyo in the United States. Bandō Hirohichirō is the official representative of the Bandō School of Japanese Classical Dance to the United States, the youngest ever appointed by the Bandō School (Tokyō, Japan) and headmaster, Bandō Minosuke.

Kabuki dances were first performed in the 1600s by onnagata, or actors specializing as female impersonators. As the Kabuki theatre gained more popularity amongst the general public, the upper classes started to take on Kabuki dancing as a hobby. The term Nihon buyo was coined to distinguish Kabuki actors from those who took it on as a past time.

Today many Americans study, practice and perform Nihon buyo, learning from sensei who teach on not only the movements of dancing, but the Japanese discipline and traditions that surround them. In perhaps the most modern and innovative iteration of Nihon buyo, Bandō Hirohichirō has continued to teach his students via Zoom okeiko, or lessons, throughout the COVID pandemic.