Bay Breeze

Bandō Ryū:
Kyō no Kai

Led by professional Kabuki actor and dancing Bandō Hirohichirō...

ELIMA music

Performs throughout the Bay area, playing original music, covers, rock, top 40, and island style music.

Genki Crew
Dance School

Genki Dance School is a Japanese-American dance school based in San Jose.

KT Band

KT Combo

We perform songs (originals, jazz) and enjoy sharing/collaborating with others.

Na Kolohe Kane

Na Leo Pumehana Hawaiian Band

For some kolohe entertainment, beautiful Hawaiian music and a "goo'fun" time.

Nihon Karate Club
Bay Area

Demonstration of Shindō-Jinen Ryū karate, covering the fundamentals, forms, and functional applications...

Nijikko Dance School

We will dance to Japanese songs like recent popular ones, nostalgic ones and Anime songs.

Nishikawa School of
Japanese Classical Dance

Sharing Japanese classical dance throughout California

Sakura Ren

Sakura Ren performs an energetic and elegant 400-year-old Japanese traditional dance called Awa Odori.

Silicon Valley Judo

Demonstrating the exciting martial sport of Judo!

San Jose
Buddhist Church Betsuin
Lotus Preschool

San Jose
Chidori Band

Multigenerational group serving the Japanese American community of Northern California since 1953.

San Jose Taiko

Founded in 1973, SJ Taiko is the renowned taiko drumming performing arts company in North America.

Satsuma Dojo

Satsuma Dojo offers a traditional Japanese karate program, accessible to segments of the local community.

Seibu Ryu
School of Japanese Sword

School of Iai-Battojutsu that teaches traditional, Japanese swordsmanship including katana sword handling,...

Sekai Judo Club

We provide judo instruction and training for students of all ages, experiences and backgrounds...

The Sound Project

The Sound Project performs R&B hit songs

Ukulele Jams

We teach people how to play the ukulele/guitar using music theory.


Yosakoi team that was established in San Jose of 2017, which hopes to help promote Yosakoi through their endeavors.


Providing soundtrack

Wesley Jazz Ensemble

Performs a variety of music from the big band era to today, including jazz, blues, swing, popular,...

Wesley Ukulele Band

Spreading aloha through ukulele!

Wesside island music

Island reggae music.